*Out of Stock* The Bee's Knees Journal Junior Edition

When you follow your own path, you will never get lost

  • Daily gratitude page
  • 20 day reflection
  • Mood tracker
  • Best bits
  • Inspiring celebrity interviews
  • Healthy goal setting
  • Mindful doodles for colouring
  • Activities on self worth, happiness, who you are, who you want to become and conquering fears• Daily gratitude page

The Bee's Knees Junior Journal aims to celebrate individuality in children alongside teaching them to find joy in ordinary things. Each day they are given a page to reflect on their mood, activities and goals alongside focussing on things to be grateful for and to let go off. Each 2- day section contains an activity focussed on individuality and self worth encouraging them to recognising that the way they are is important and valid. The journal lasts for 100 days. 


It’s like a fitbit for the soul

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