The Bee’s Knees Journal

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  • Daily, weekly and monthly reflections
  • 6 month undated gratitude journal (272 pages)
  • Short notes instead of lengthy diary entries
  • Shifting your focus from a need to move forward to a comfort in the now, even when it isn't easy
  • UK-made and eco-friendly

Designed to work as profound beginning or end of the day reflection it practises exploring simple habits from which life's challenges can be easier weathered. Uniquely, this journal offers space to forgive, challenge, let go and remind ourselves we are moving through. It is filled with prompts to spark more joy in your life, yet does not skirt around pain with positivity, rather offering a template for the user to guide themselves through difficult emotions gently and honestly.

In addition, the six month process of this journal endeavours to demonstrate to the user that there is great value in small things; that sometimes our biggest successes are not the ones we post on social media or win an awards for. 

Research is proving time and time again the power that regularly practising gratitude has on our mind, but it is also showing that mindfulness, movement, human connection and leaning in to difficult emotions are also integral components to keeping a healthy mind and The Bee's Knees Journal offers them all.