About Us

Meet Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly and I am a mother, speaker and creator of The Bee's Knees Journal. 

With almost two decades living with my mother's deteriorating fatal and incurable condition, Huntington's disease, I have had to constantly adapt in order to still thrive in the face of adversity.

For me, it was only when I hit rock bottom that I was forced to gain an even deeper understanding of what it takes to both survive and thrive when times are hard. Most poignant in my discovery, was the differentiation between what is healthy positivity and what is toxic. This brand is built on just that, along with a 'back to basics' approach to feeling comfortable when it's uncomfortable. 

Shaped by my own experiences, these methods are ones I have tried and tested. For thirteen years I faced the prospect of inheriting the same condition as my mum, with which the odds were 50/50; the flip of a coin. 

I share my family's story openly via social media, as well as speaking at events, on podcasts and on television shows. I feel so passionate about supporting people in navigating life's inevitable challenges from a place of realism. Hope and action on one side of the coin and acceptance of the things outside of our control on the other. 

For me, humour and gratitude have been integral tools to thriving over the years. And in my experience I have found, the deeper the tragedy, the darker the humour, the richer the gratitude. All of which inspired the creation of The Bee's Knees Journal.