The Brand Story

The Bee’s Knees is a company that prides itself on authentic happiness, contentment and freedom. It's a happiness that encompasses all that real life has to offer. One that embraces joy and sadness in equal measure; that breeds freedom and gives permission, to be where you are now and see the pockets of ordinary life that can support and lift you.

Founded by Kelly Terranova, The Bee’s Knees was born out of a love for the simple ordinary everyday, which became the cornerstone for contentment when Kelly discovered her mum has a severe degenerative neurological condition called Huntington’s disease, of which she was 50% at risk of carrying and for which there is no cure. At the age of 18, Kelly found herself searching for a happiness that could be found when things were going wrong. She knew how to be happy when life was going to plan, but what now?

That’s when she realised, you have to make of your life what you can and accept it for what it is. She designed a system that balanced all the things we can do for our happiness and created a template for others to use to design theirs. It encompasses scaffolding your life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and that is what makes it unique.

The Bee’s Knees aims to cut through the rose tinted glass and open your eyes to the normality of life’s rollercoasters. It encourages you to capture messy and make it your own, providing a template for you to design YOUR own happiness rather prescribing a recipe for you. It appreciates that happiness is individual, celebrating that what makes you happy and what makes another happy will be wonderfully different.

All products are hand designed by creative designer Jo Powell and serve to act as an artistic daily mindful exercise to support the authentic wellbeing of you. The Bee’s Knees is a place for those tired of feeling pressured to find the answer. It’s about living life, warts and all.

The Bee’s Knees is a company that prides itself on on authentic wellbeing


A business relationship built on a solid foundation of life’s ‘left over quality streets’. (I know you’re all thinking about the orange cremes). A decade of friendship has meant both Kelly and Jo know the true meaning of life’s ups and downs, but a recipe consisting of dance, scoffing cake together, laughing over a glass of wine and a bucket load of banter has meant that they’ve found a way to make their way through it all.

Both have found strength in the extraordinary ordinary and through this friendship aim to help and support others in finding the freedom to be themselves.

Kelly has a background in primary education, business and dance whilst Jo has a background in marketing and design. Both have a desire to help others find freedom in the way they design their own template for happiness.

A business relationship built on a solid foundation.
The Bees Kness