The Bees Kness with Kelly Terranova
The Bees Knees with Kelly Terranova

The Bee’s Knees is about making the everyday ordinary extraordinary by creating your own template for happiness.

A system designed by you, for you.

Portrait of Kelly Terranova, Director at The Bee Knees

Going back to the way things were before we made it complicated.

Simple, ordinary, everyday experiences.

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Giovanna Fletcher - Author, Actress, Presenter

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Rebecca Adlington - Olympic Swimmer

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Elle Wright - Author


I have been wanting to order a journal for like a year now and subtle hints were getting me nowhere for my birthday 😂 so I decided to treat myself. It arrived super quick (I wasn’t expecting it until at least tomorrow if not later!) and beautifully packaged. The journal itself is just lovely and really high quality. Full of info on how to use it and lots of mindful colouring patterns throughout. I am looking forward to a year of ‘extraordinary ordinary’. For anybody on the fence, yes it is a little pricey but it is so worth it for a treat once a year and I would definitely recommend. Thank you so much

Love my journal & have got in to the habit of setting aside an hour for myself every evening just for some me time. Had taught me to start looking out for myself as if I’m not mentally healthy then that leaks in to your everyday life. The journal is beautiful & so well thought out. Can not wait for the release of the next one already have it as a reminder

I love love love my journal. I did think it was quite expensive at first but I'm addicted at filling it out and me makes me think of what I'm grateful for. I will definitely buy another one next year. I love reading it and going back and reading all the little bits in it. Would recommend. (but please don't buy them all as I want another next year!

My journal was purchased as a Christmas gift. This was one of the best presents I received. It has helped me to focus on myself something I have not done for a number of years. I would highly recommend this journal and I know a few of my friends have also purchased one for themselves. I love photographing my journey and learning to love myself just the way I am.

I absolutely love the journal, best thing I have purchased this year, if anyone is still wondering whether to purchase one I would say just go for it you certainly wont regret it

Beautifully packaged and the journal itself it just lovely and really high quality. Full of info on how to use it and lots of mindful colouring patterns throughout

It’s like a fitbit for the soul

My daughter who is 7 has just completed her first page. She absolutely loved it and it made us sit down together to discuss our day and feelings. Amazing