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The Antidote To Perfection Culture

The Realist Gratitude Journal

This journal is not about creating the perfect life, it's about making the best of the one we have.


The wellbeing brand created by a realist for realists


"Knowing the difference between the things you can and cannot control is one of life's great liberators."

Kelly Terranova, Founder

"As a psychologist I encourage my clients to look at their wellbeing holistically. It can be really hard to maintain focus and momentum on making these small but meaningful everyday changes. Therefore, having a journal to gently guide and remind people in such a creative way is a wonderful resource"

Dr Michelle Tolfrey - Clinical Psychologist

"One of the things I love about this journal is how different it is from other journals... it taps into your more 'creative 'thinking' side rather than simply asking you to write words"

Kelly Parsons - Acupuncturist