A Word Of Advice From Mum

The saying ‘Mum knows best’ holds more truth sometimes that we give credit for. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I’ve been in touch with lots of Mum’s to ask what their advice would be to a happy and healthy you. Wishing all Mum’s out there a wonderful day today, in the many forms in which you come and sending special love to those who are no longer with us, but remain in our hearts, their ‘words of advice’ etched in our souls forever.

Rebecca Adlington OBE – Olympic Gold Medalist

‘Be 100% honest and true to yourself. Listening to your gut is one of the most powerful tools you can have. Be kind, be honest, be you.

Taryn Brumfitt- The Body Image Movement

I’ve never met a single human being that has made life long positive and meaningful change that has come from fear or guilt. But I know plenty of people that have made positive change that has come from self love, self care and self respect.

Kate Starkey- Cheltenham Maman

It’s hard to understand when you are younger but before long you’ll realise that the things you worry about, the things that make you different from the rest and the parts of your body you think don’t make you beautiful are the things that make you YOU. Later in life authenticity is all that matters – be yourself – that’s what makes you beautiful.

Jill Marsh Р Child Minder, Gloucestershire

Treat each day as if it’s your last, you never know what’s around the corner. Don’t stress about the small stuff. Take photos, make memories and hug lots.

Vanessa Kendall – Virtual Assistant Gloucestershire

As you grow older, it’s not about what you lose, it’s about the new things you gain. Enjoy every single moment.

Laura Coats-Patel – Gloucestershire

Drink lots of water, the more the better….and laugh! Laugh with your kids, laugh with your family and laugh with your friends.

Jenny Douglas – Practice Manager, Falkirk

Simple. Be yourself.

Amy Wilson- Passenger Assistant at Gatwick Airport, Crawley

Make time for the small things that make a big difference. Be it painting your nails (even if it’s just your toe nails which no one sees), reading a book, colouring, yoga, meditation, putting on a slick of lipstick, a quiet glass of your favourite beverage. Anything that reinvigorates and boosts your heart, mind and soul.

Lisa King – Superdry Head Office, Gloucestershire

What makes me happy since becoming a Mummy is learning to not let the little things get you down. There are far more important things to focus your energy and soul into. I also never thought I’d enjoy waking up every morning so I can see her happy little face poking out from her cot looking for me. Its the little things that matter!

Shelley Marie – Learning Support Teacher, Gloucestershire

If you’re worrying, you are doing amazingly

Grace Green РAccounts Admin Assistant, Warwickshire 

Juust ride it out, apparently every phase is just that, a phase, be it waking at night or tantrums at dinner time….. it will pass! But each ‘phase’ will build another brick of your children’s personality which in the end, you wouldn’t be without!

Alix Harvey – Quality Assurance, Aerospace, Gloucestershire

Talk to yourself kindly and love your body as she is now! Thin doesn’t necessarily mean happy. You wouldn’t love your best friend, mum, daughter or sister any less if she was bigger, so don’t love yourself any less and don’t beat yourself up! Shit happens, we’re all human and make mistakes. They are there for us to learn from!! We are all beautiful in our own way.

Jennifer Terranova – My Mum, and hero

Be kind. Be accepting.

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