The Importance of Being Idle

This weekend myself and Kev were extremely lucky to be given an opportunity to go away for the weekend. I had gone live on Instagram a few months back chatting all things motherhood, and mentioned that our parents are unable to help us with the kids due to varying disabilities. It was just passing conversation as I chatted about the things that have been a bit trickier to navigate and I was blown away to receive a message from one of my followers offering to let us stay in her holiday let free of charge to get away and have a break. It’s safe to say I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. We picked a weekend and headed to a spa I have been to before situated in a picturesque location in Staffordshire where by we were gifted a wonderful spa day, with a drink on arrival, a two course meal and one of their signature treatments.

We were extremely lucky to be given this opportunity and it really could not have come at a better time. The first year of motherhood has been really quite testing. The feelings I’ve experienced have ranged from high to low, but been equal in intensity. I ‘ve never felt such happiness, joy and love in certain moments, the kind that’s given me a lump in my throat and a pounding in my chest as a crease expands in my face, and I’ve never felt such anxiety, fear and overwhelm, the kind that’s given me a lump in my throat and a pounding in my chest and a weight presses down on my mind. It’s been wonderful but it’s been really, truly hard and I have to be honest and admit, I needed a break to remember who I was. I think a mother’s mental health becomes extremely fragile in that first year, and perhaps it’s not talked about or acknowledged because such joy is felt too. But emotional health and mental health are two separate entities and whilst we may feel emotionally fulfilled, our mental health can often need a little extra attention.

I am always so thankful for the lovely opportunities I get, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about our weekend, and also urge you, if you can, to find a way to create an opportunity to ‘be idle’.


The Holiday Let

Ceri’s let is situated in a block of apartments right next to a little town called Ironbridge. A cosy little town with plenty of pubs, restaurants and a cocktail bar situated right along the river.

The apartment is 3 bed and has a cosy lounge area, bathroom with shower and bath, full equipped kitchen and dining table. I think what I liked most was the exposed brick walls and gorgeous windows overlooking a lovely green outdoor space where people were walking their dogs. It gave the place a feeling of ‘being away from it all’ and added to the break.


In the morning we would open the curtains and window, feeling the fresh chilly spring air from outside whilst chilling under the warm duvet. Fresh air is a big part of recharging for me, so this element was really welcomed as opposed to a hotel where it can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic. The place would have been easy to take the kids with us too, lots of space and enough beds for all.

Favourite spot to chill in the morning

We went out for dinner on Friday evening and ate at Darcy’s where the food was beautiful and finished up in Cleo’s where we drank all the cocktails. I have to be honest in that we were literally gobsmacked taxis cost us £3.80. I know this might sound like a crazy thing to say but the place was cheap as chips and lovely! Saturday we grabbed food on the way home and cooked in whilst cwtching up in front of the telly. (we may have also had a quick game of ‘Shark Attack’, the kids game we spied in one of the cupboards). True story! Games aside, this place is a fab getaway for a family or a for a couple and Ceri is offering a discount to you guys making the whole place just £90 a night. Just mention me when booking gang and click here to contact Ceri.


Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat

Now, what’s not to like about a spa day? Arguably not a lot, but let me tell you, this place is something special. I last visited here a few years back and was beyond excited to return. Spa days are wonderful, however as much as they relax me, I can sometimes come away feeling knackered. I imagine it’s all the tension leaving your body, however this spa is different. I mentioned above how important fresh air is to me for recharging, and this spa offers just that. It boasts a large hot tub outside overlooking the picturesque green surroundings with a poolside bar offering teas, coffees, fresh smoothies and of course, G&T. This is situated in the centre of an outdoor courtyard with beds and seating around a warm outdoor log fire. It is gorgeous.

Photo from Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat Gallery

An outdoor sauna is also built alongside with a window overlooking their outdoor space. Again, I can often struggle to stay in saunas. A little claustrophobic and not a fan of being in dark spaces I can end up leaving shortly after entering missing out on the many benefits. This one is bright, calming and feels like a totally new experience.

We didn’t indulge in a sleep but there is a room totally dedicated to naps; The Snug. I mean seriously, what an idea. I was amazed to walk through and see around fifteen adults all spread around on comfortable sofas under blankets sound asleep. I could not help but think it was a genius idea. I judge myself a little for not indulging but I was too busy enjoying the glorious sunshine in the outdoor pool.

Indoors we enjoyed the ‘Experience Shower’ which released cold mist, tropical rain and fragrances that awakened your senses before dipping in the hot tub and soaking our muscles under the water canons. We spent a good half an hour following this led on the heated tilted loungers; another dream find as someone who has scoliosis and is forever feeling uncomfortable on flat beds.

Lunch overlooked the lake and the food was one of the highlights. I have to say there is something pretty demure about eating a beautiful lunch in your dressing gown.




We were very lucky to be given a treatment during our visit and we both received the Elemis Couture Touch treatment; a combination of facial and body massage, something I was beyond looking forward to. My face had never felt so hydrated after 9 months of using a face wipe to take my make up off. I have always felt the benefit of using Elemis products and own the Superfood Facial Oil but have been flopping into bed without using it and can feel my skin is missing it. I opted for a hot stone massage where as Kev went for Deep Tissue. We are pleased to report both were lovely.


I think what made the whole experience truly perfect was the attention to detail from the moment we arrived until we left. We were given a drink on arrival, shown round the entire venue prior to entering and given fresh towels every time we moved onto a new spot. Someone was always nearby to ask if you would like something to drink, and the staff were friendly and helpful throughout. I’ve been here twice now, so it goes without saying that I love it. I was also very lucky to be sent a Himalayan Salt Lamp courtesy of Westlab Salts which is placed perfection in my meditation spot in the summer house in our garden, perfectly parallel to my other one which makes me so happy. We have sent some Dr Bronner organic products to try out for Freddie and ourselves so I will let you know what we think.

If you would like to give this place a visit, Moddershall Oaks have the code ‘beesknees’ valid until Sunday 22nd to receive 10% off. Please read the T’s and C’s below and use the link provided here to purchase. Book your spa day, apply the code at checkout and call the team to book in your day.

Sometimes being idle is the best thing for us. We spend our lives working, running from A to B, always rushing but never really getting anywhere and sometimes, just sometimes it’s nice to just have an opportunity to stop and do nothing for a while. Kev and I would like to personally thank Ceri and Moddershall Oaks for providing us with one of the best weekends away we’ve had. We are both really grateful, thank you.


Terms and Conditions

Discount includes vouchers for spa days, spa breaks, spa evening and treatments. Offer excludes food, events and monetary vouchers. Offer ends Sunday 22nd April.



None of these photos are edited or enhanced in anyway. This is an honest reflection of the weekend. It was truly amazing.

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  1. I feel relaxed just reading about your lovely break. Your spa day sounds blissful and how lovely of Ceri to gift you such a great place to stay. You’re so right that giving yourself some TLC helps with smooth the bumps that being a Mum brings.

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