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The Happy Me Project meets @that_mummy_smile

Meet Laura @that_mummy_smile

I kid you not, this birds Insta appeared on my explore feed one day, and I was genuinely drawn to her page by her beautiful smile, much like her name suggests I should be. I’m a sucker for filling my feed with positivity and sunny people, and Laura is a gorgeous cup of just that. Here is her happy..

Life In A Snapshot

Living life to the full in Notting Hill raising two boys. A smile a day goes a long way.

What makes you the happiest?

Family time, fresh air and sunshine

Who is your happy person?

My mummy.

How do you reset on a bad day?

A nice hot brew.

When it is time to stop and take check?

When my house feels neglected! I always know that if I’ve slacked off the housework, then I need to get my head back on track!

How do you nourish your mind and body?

What does ‘nourishment’ mean to you?

I love sleep. I don’t function well without it. Nourishment to me means self love.

Reflecting on the hardest time in your own life, what practical steps did you take to get you back on a happier pathway?

I think listening to your body and mind is crucial. If you’re lucky enough you can halt things in their track. I think talking things through is the best therapy. Surround yourself with positive, loving people.

What is ‘happiness’ defined by you?

A deep contentment. A warmth.

Mantra you live by

No guilt.



Favourite place in the world– Our house in rural France.

Instagrammer who makes you feel good–  @Jetsetmama

If you could have any super power? Invisibility

Biggest addiction? Cake

Biggest strength? Positivity 

Biggest weakness? Gullibility

Nicknames? Loris

Guilty pleasure? Channing Tatum

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