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The Happy Me Project meets @sketchymuma

Meet Anna @sketchymuma

There are some people in this world who basically embody a hug… and Anna is one of those people. I bought Anna’s book ‘What It Means To Be A Mother’ when Freddie was just a few months old. I felt like I’d read every parenting book going, and was feeling pretty much like either I was broken or Freddie was. The instructions weren’t working, but I was quite content with all the biscuits and tea I could devour whilst festering in my pjs but didn’t feel like that was what I was meant to be doing. Why didn’t I have life organised? Enter Anna. I read the book in one go (it’s the kind you are meant to do that with) and then read it again, and again….and again. Then immediately purchased 5 more copies for friends. I still pick it up now when I lose sight of things. It’s like every little emotion I’d felt she had brought to life with a heart warming sketch and a line. I felt like I was nailing it, and I felt like things were ok. I urge you to get this book as a gift for any new mother you know. It was the gem that saved me from potentially falling down a very self competitive dark hole and I am forever thankful to her for that. I was so thrilled when Anna agreed to take part in this project. Here is her happy…..

Life In A Snapshot

Tried every job under the sun until age 30 from call centre to bar maid to painter and decorator. Thought I ought to get a proper job at 30, qualified to be a teacher, hated it and left almost straight away.  Met my soul mate. We lived in a tiny chalet by the sea for years, poor but happy artists! Got back into drawing. Illustrated some published kids books. Had our baby. Partner got very ill which made me want to follow my dreams even more. Life is short and precious. Started sketchy Muma. Got published. still drawing….

What makes you the happiest?

Swimming, drawing, eating, beaching and being my family.

Who is your happy person? 

My little girl and my partner.

How do you reset on a bad day? 

If there is still time go swimming. If not five minutes of my partners punch pads to get the frustration out and then ten mins meditation! Ying and Yang!

When it is time to stop and take check? 

When you have veered to far from your core values.

How do you nourish your mind and body? What does ‘nourishment’ mean to you?

Nourishment to me means being in alignment with your individual nature which can be very different to the next person. I am sociable in the day but get really drained if i socialise at night as I really need my thinking time. One mans meat is another mans poison etc!
Swimming really changes my mood and gets me out of my head and into my body. Meditation is brilliant to observe just how hectic your mind can be and calm it down a bit.
If I have eaten too much rubbish I always make carrot and butternut squash soup to ground me!

Reflecting on the hardest time in your own 

life, what practical steps did you take to get you back on a happier pathway?   

I read a lot of inspiring books and listen to inspiring podcasts. I have just found a great yoga teacher whose classes really inspire me. I see a wonderful friend and alternative therapist regularly who keeps my body and mind in alignment and I enjoy our conversations as she is a real free thinker. I think being close to nature is one of the best things you can do during tough times as you can recognise everything has it’s season and there is always change so nothing is fixed.

What is ‘happiness’ defined by you? 

Being aligned with your true calling

Mantra you live by

Paddle your own canoe
Favourite place in the world-  Home
Instagrammer who makes you feel good-  Emma Cannon 
Biggest addiction?   Buying furniture from junk shops, we don’t really need 17 kitchen chairs, there are three of us!
Biggest strength?   Honesty
Biggest weakness? Kettle crisps
Nicknames? Anna Banana
Guilty pleasure?  Crisps
Song of the moment? Cindy Lauper – True C
If you could have any super power? More time

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