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The Happy Me Project meets @chloelovestoshop

Meet Chloe @chloelovestoshop

I don’t follow a huge amount of fashion accounts because…well I basically suck at fashion haha but Chloe is one of those people you can’t help but warm to. Often found storying from a parked car, looking fresher than I looked at one day old, she natters about life in a way that makes me feel happy. I can’t explain it, but she just oozes a good vibe and I love watching her daily. She is one hundred percent my ‘demure fix’ for the day and I know that one day, I will be that lovely and too look like I wash more regularly than once a month! She makes me want to up my face washing game big time. Chloe’s the girl you love to love, (and she was just as sweet in real life too) and this is her happiness…

Life In A Snapshot

Grew up in Cape Town. Left at 21 to travel the world. Started working in London. Fell in love. Got married. Had three kids. Didn’t travel the world. Worked in TV for 17 years. Quit TV and started a fashion blog. Recently turned 40 and I’m currently living my happily ever after…

What makes you the happiest?

Saturday nights when all three children and two kitties pile into our bed and we watch Saturday night telly together. Throw in a reciprocal foot rub with my girls  and Charlie playing with my hair and I could burst with happiness…

Who is your happy person?

My son Charlie, who is 5. He is a very happy little boy with a wise, old soul and never fails to make me smile.

How do you reset on a bad day?

I try to exercise – it always clears my head. If I’m at home I’ll put some music on and have a good tidy…On a really bad day I try to focus on all that I have and think about how lucky I am to have three amazing children and a loving husband.

I also try to have a break from my phone. As much as I love and respect what my phone has allowed me to achieve, it can also make me feel anxious and at times it’s really important for me to step away from technology. I am very aware of the negative impact it can have…

When it is time to stop and take check?

When you realise that you’ve been on auto-pilot. When you haven’t experienced the moment, because you’re too busy thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. When life gets too busy, we stop living in the moment. That’s when it’s time to slow down…

How do you nourish your mind and body? What does ‘nourishment’ mean to you?

I nourish my mind with positive thoughts. They could be things I’m looking forward to, happy memories or just thinking about my family. I nourish my body by eating well (meals cooked from fresh ingredients) getting a good night’s sleep and exercising. I also nourish my body with massage and a good pamper session.

Nourishment to me means taking care of myself, because you can’t pour from an empty cup…

Reflecting on the hardest time in your own

life, what practical steps did you take to get you back on a happier pathway?

I learnt to stop myself from getting into a downward spiral of negative thoughts…One negative thought is likely to lead to another, and another, so I learnt to stop myself from going down the negative thought path. I realised that I was the only person that was in control of my happiness and I had the power to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

But the most important thing for me, has always been talking. I’m a firm believer in getting things off your chest…Talking and sharing is my best therapy.

What is ‘happiness’ defined by you?

Happiness is…a kitchen disco on a Friday night, just the five of us. Nutella pancakes on a Saturday morning, a family movie and a fire on a wintry Saturday afternoon, and those precious moments when all five of us are laughing at the same time.

Mantra you live by

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


Favourite place in the world– My home. Even on the most perfect family holidays I always look forward to coming home.

Instagrammer who makes you feel good–  @life_with_ivy_coco never fails to make me laugh

If you could have any super power? I’d fly, so I could see my parents more often (they live in South Africa)

Biggest addiction? Fry’s Turkish Delight and Instagram

Biggest strength? Loving

Biggest weakness? Self-doubt

Nicknames? Clover, Clozzer and Plop-Plop (don’t ask!)

Guilty pleasure? Chilli Heatwave Doritos. I think I might need to work on my guilty pleasure 😉

Song of the moment? Filthy – Justin Timberlake – every time it comes on the radio Charlie and I crank it up and have a boogie (I can’t believe I just said boogie! 😂)



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