Why does the sunshine make us feel so good?

It is a well known fact that the British love the sight of the sun more than anyone else. Perhaps that’s because we spend about 70% of the year yearning for it, and the majority of the other 30% is spent walking around cold, in summer clothes, whilst the sun pops out for around 30 second intervals! However, there is no doubt about it, the sun makes everything seem brighter and more pleasant. But what is it about the sunshine that makes us feel so good?

Of course, leaving your coat at home, not needing to run from car to front door in gale force winds and seeing dancing daffodils are obvious reasons, but does the sun do something to us on a deeper level?

The answer is yes!

Alongside the many physical benefits the sunshine gives us, such as Vitamin D improving a whole host of things such as bone health, skin health and brain function, it actually benefits us on a spiritual level.

The yellow rays of the sun are directly linked to our solar plexus chakra. This chakra is your ‘power house’ for self esteem. It is where you gain confidence, will power and feel at your most effective.

Signs of a blocked chakra in this area would be-

  • feeling pushed around
  • generally unworthy
  • lack of gut instinct- second guessing a lot
  • trying to hard
  • inability to make things happen for yourself
  • inability to represent yourself truthfully- no sense of self

So many of us can probably relate to feeling this way at some point in our life, and it is directly connected to the flow of energy through our body.

Each person has 7 chakra points, starting at the top of their body all the way down to the bottom. Each of these chambers is responsible for different parts of our emotional, mental and physical health. By learning to top them up spiritually, we can gain some awareness and direction over how we can heal and become more in tune with when there is an imbalance.

A balanced solar plexus chakra enables us to feel worthy, confident, in control of how we respond to things emotionally and deeply rooted within ourselves. This is a huge fist pump when we can accomplish this, as it links to so many other areas of our general well being.

I’m going to try and self love‘ becomes ‘I am self love‘.

When we focus on replenishing the energy in our solar plexus chakra, and removing any blockages, we should focus on the colour of the energy it holds. This colour is yellow. Where the sunshine benefits us, it that is actually permeates into that chakra, giving us a constant stream of healing energy, working to remove blockages and bring back our sense of self. I was always taught to imagine it like a lotus flower opening and the colours filling it infusing each petal with life and vitality. Essentially the sunshine is a yellow orb of light constantly streaming rays into your chakra to help your energy flow freely and openly.

If you want to further focus on this chakra I can also suggest –

  • picking/planting daffodils
  • wear something yellow
  • eating lemons, bananas, yellow peppers and so on
  • a citrus diffuser
  • affirm for your sacral chakra ‘I am worthy’ ‘I respect myself’ ‘I believe in myself’

and as I always say… listen to your gut instinct. She knows what you need.

Have a wonderful day and get outside and enjoy those rays

Kelly x


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