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Since joining Instagram I have been blessed enough to connect with some amazing men and women from all over the world spreading a body positive image, representing people from all walks of life with a whole host of different experiences.

What I love about social media is the ability to reach such a wide audience, beyond your local area, helping to improve the lives of so many people. For all it’s negative points,there are as many positive, and many people have changed the world through the message they put out, starting with their social media. Instagram is like a little mood board for what you love in life, and that can inspire so many people to live in a similar way.

I wanted to take today to share with you some of the amazing people I have come across since starting Love Yourself Lean over a year ago so you can perhaps connect with them too, and reap the benefits of the positivity they put out there for us all to absorb.


Body Image Movement

Of course this one was going to feature! I am a global ambassador for Taryn’s amazing movement and have held my own screening of her documentary Embrace. Taryn’s journey began when she had her children, and considered surgery to fix the way she looked. She decided against it after watching her little girl play one day, not wanting her daughter to have hang ups about her body seeing her Mummy fix herself by going under the knife. She took the decision to undergo an intense three month workout programme and entered a body building competition…yes one extreme to the other! She was successful. She has the perfect body, and was on stage with all these other beautiful women being cheered and celebrated…..but she wasn’t happy. She soon realised that inside she still embodied a ‘self-loathing’ attitude to herself and that the body she was in made little difference. This was when Taryn set out to change the message the world receives about ‘being beautiful’ by celebrating beauty in all it’s shapes, sizes, colours, ages and everything in between and focusing on health and happiness as the main driver. Her documentary Embrace is honestly a life changing watch, so if you decide to follow her, get yourself to a screening of Embrace too!

Instagram @bodyimagemovement


The Body Coach

You will all know of the wonderful Joe Wicks, and needless to say, are probably already following him. But I had to include him, as although now a social media giant, he is absolutely what it says on the tin. He enjoys all food, trains hard and loves himself inside out. That is all you need.

Instagram @thebodycoach



Introducing Megan. Possibly the most colourful girl on Instagram, a beautiful and full of life positive body warrior who once battled anorexia. Megan is on a mission the shatter the ‘not good enough’, mentality she says and celebrates her love of belly rolls, wearing pastels and spends much of her time outing diet industry lies! In short, she is a young and inspiring young woman who is one of the many taking an active stand to stop women in the world from hating themselves. She wants to prove that recovery is possible and celebrates us all as ‘extraordinarily beautiful’. Her account is like a mix of rainbows, unicorns and a 1950’s sweet shops bursting with colour, happiness and love. Seeing her page without even reading what she has to say is a sure fire way to brighten your day.

Instagram @bodyposipanda


Turia Pitt

Arguably¬†most the kick ass, inspiring and courageous woman on Instagram! Turia suffered horrific life changing burns to her body when she got caught up in a bush fire whilst running an ultra marathon and almost lost her life on the operating table. Rather than sink and fall into herself, Turia wears her scars proudly and works to promote living a ‘kick ass’ lifestyle to women and men all over the world. She has a guide based on changing your mindset and writes motivational and inspiration blogs for her followers to be driven by. Her strap line ‘Nail your mindset, achieve anything’ is absolutely everything she encompasses and I’d love to be her friend!

Instagram @turiaputt


Self Love Clubb

Welcoming Milly! Milly is another eating disorder warrior who focuses a lot on mental health and learning to accept the skin you are in. She celebrates skinny as beautiful, and curves as beautiful, and recognises that your mental health has a huge part to play in how we feel about ourselves. She posts regular pictures in her underwear, unfiltered, relaxed and free, and has a fiance who has begun spreading the same message for men out there. She has just had a go at her first YouTube video, and like me was nervous too so go show her some love!

Instagram @selfloveclubb


Harnaam Kaur

The bearded dame! What an inspirational woman she is! Harnaam was born with polycystic ovaries which resulted in facial hair from a young age. For years she bullied but as she grew older, instead of take every procedure to remove this hair in shame because it didn’t conform to how people felt a young woman should look, she took the decision to embrace it, and grew it out fully. Her winged eyeliner is absolutely on point, and her colourful wardrobe style makes her look like the most beautiful painting in human form. She is now a body confident activist, a public speaker and also a Guinness World Record holder. Kaur says that people ‘feel threatened by empowered, strong women. When she breaks a stereotype she has to be put in her place’ and recognises that the trolls she still suffers from come from this fear. She now even has a tattooed portrait of herself on her leg…if that’s not a sign of embracing who you are, I don’t know what is. What an inspiring individual. In a world of Kardashians, be a Kaur I say!

Instagram @ harnaamkaur


Isabella Forget

Isabella is a little obsession of mine. A curvy model who is also a make up and hair artist, I could just look at her pictures all day. She exudes a certain type of confidence I aspire to always have, and does it so beautifully and effortlessly. She wears lingerie like a goddess and what I love about her is that she doesn’t preach ‘curves should be equal to slim’ in the modelling industry, she just embodies who she is and owns it like a boss. No questions asked. I am bloody gorgeous, so you will see me as I am. She’s just a total and utter babe and I love her.

Instagram @ isabellaforget




That Fitness Guy

Last but by no means least, is our very own Chris! Still a relatively new Instagram advocate for positive and healthy body image, but his account is filled with awesome workouts, that are doable by all and great meal inspo (that consists of more than a lentil and some fake smiles). His fitness programme is in the final stages of proof reading and is set to change the way women think about exercise for good, giving them a solid platform to live an active and healthy lifestyle that actually feels good and is maintainable! High five to that!

Instagram @that.fitness.guy





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