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Finding time for ourselves in today’s chaotic society is difficult to say the least. Our health often takes a back seat during the day to day running around we do. Each year it’s the same story. Lose weight, eat well and get fit…but somehow each year we end up back at square one.

The journey to whole health is more than just cleaning eating and getting fit. It’s about being happy. Studies show that those who live long healthy lives often prescribe happiness as the key ingredient. We spend so much time working on changing who we are, but what if we learnt to accept who we are and worked on improving our health from a place of love?

The LYL Wellness Journal combines food and water intake, gratitude, self awareness, exercise, and the concept of whole health (emotional, spiritual, mental and physical) to guide you to the healthiest version of yourself. It requires you to do something for yourself everyday selecting one of the 4 health areas as your focus and this activity can be as short as 15 minutes before bed. Mixing it up from workouts, walks in the park, meditating, drinking wine with friends and learning something new is what LYL prescribes as the best remedy.

The 4 weekly checks allow you to monitor your progress and ensure you are focusing on each area of your health evenly. It will take you on a journey of self discovery, allowing you to find your true self and embrace all that you are. Here at LYL we believe one size does not fit all and we aim to give you the platform to help you find your greatness and achieve all your health goals.

The pages are covered in doodles and patterns for you to colour with the colours that make your soul sing so you can watch your journal come to life as you reconnect with your true self. Believe in all that you are and commit to a journey that will send you on your way to Heartfelt Happiness and Harmonious Health

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