Are you the one who starts a fitness programme with all the best laid plans and never seems to finish it?! Are you someone who just doesn’t have time to go to the gym? Perhaps a Mum with kids and a family to take care of, or a working professional who is out the house from morning ’til night….or even both! Perhaps you are just someone who needs the chance to get started on your own without the pressure of attending classes or being in a gym environment?

If that is you, THIS IS YOUR PROGRAMME. With 12 weeks worth of workouts tailored to be done from your front room if you need to, and zero equipment, anyone can pick this up and ‘get going’. Instead of the traditional methods of photo taking, measuring or weighing, this programme sets fitness tests every 4 weeks for you to monitor your progress. You will also find reflections throughout, closely linking how you live a balanced life with your journal to how you view your physical journey. Workouts are varied in structure to ensure boredom does not set in, and there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into when it comes to educating yourself on how your body works and how to train and fuel your body to ensure maximum results.

This programme is designed to give you the tools you need to move forward after 12 weeks. Sent in PDF format it is always with you, and easy to access wherever you may go.

NB: Journal users can add ‘reflection cards’ to their order if they wish to have insert for their journal too.


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