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The Happy Me Project meets @mamas_scrapbook

Meet Anna @mamas_scrapbook

This woman! It’s actually not been a long time since I followed Anna, and to be honest, I feel like I’ve not fully enjoyed the benefits of Instagram in only recently finding her. My favourite thing about this babe? How genuine she is. She’s just SO down to earth, approachable and friendly. She dicks around on Instagram stories daily, doesn’t take herself too seriously and then totally bosses life as a Psychotherapist who is one serious fountain of knowledge. She writes about mental health like a poet, and uses metaphors that resonate on every level. I actually own a pack of Blom Cards, a set of mental health prompts created by Anna and her business partner and can say her poetry feeds through on those little daily reminders too. I’ve really enjoyed using them alongside my journal. She is quite simply a mental health gift to Instagram and I feel so lucky to call her my friend (Did we just become best friends?) Enjoy her poetic reflection on happiness below.


Life In A Snapshot

Bought up in a village somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Did all the uni stuff. Moved to the big Smoke. Trained as therapist. Had two kids very close together. Moved to the country. Got PND. Started working mainly with Mums. Cultivated an Insta obsession. Spoke out about my own mess, spoke out about mental health and now it’s my job.


What makes you the happiest?

When I hold both my non-stop boys at the same time and smell their hair. It sounds weird, but if you know, you know. I was always desperate to have a girl. I got two boys. You think you know what you want until you get what you didn’t even know you needed.


Who is your happy person? 


I find my happy people everywhere. Someone in the queue in the supermarket, or standing next to me at soft play. I make a stupid joke and if they respond without a raised eyebrow and a spray of dust as they flee, they could be my happy person that day. It’s someone who is kind and isn’t afraid to laugh at themself and see life for what it is.



How do you reset on a bad day? 


A texty rant or phone call to a friend to get it off my chest, before jumping into a hot bath or doing some yoga. Every night, I fill in My Bees Knees gratitude journal and indulge in a good bit of escapism reading to switch my brain off.




When it is time to stop and take check? 


When I start disliking myself and feel like a failure for longer than a fleeting moment, I know I need to tweak something. Sadly those are two things I’m battling, and need to keep on guard for. When I get too busy, I stop that fight and I start to feel shit. That’s when I have to sort my priorities out.


How do you nourish your mind and body? What does ‘nourishment’ mean to you?


I nourish my mind by reading and journaling. I nourish my body by eating well and exercising. I use exercise predominantly as an antidepressant, although fitness and strength are two fantastic side-effects!


Nourishment to me is about treating myself with self-respect and value that goes beyond how I feel. I used to be incredibly self-destructive. I had far more hatred than love for myself. My entire life changed when I started to choose to nourish myself regardless of how I felt, how much energy I had, and whether I felt deserving of it or not.



Reflecting on the hardest time in your own life, what practical steps did you take to get you back on a happier pathway?    


Admitting defeat. That has always been the most important ingredient for change for me. The ‘hey, I don’t actually have this covered anymore. I’m not really that okay’. I have this drive to show the world that I’m capable, that I’m coping. The funny thing is that I’m the only one applying the pressure. So, yes the change happens when I admit that I can’t whether the storms on my own. I reach out, pick up the phone, make the appointment, allow the people who love me who’ve been waiting in the wings, actually love and support me. I start to exercise again, start to write, start to talk to people whether I feel like it or not, because those things resuscitate me back survival mode to living.


What is ‘happiness’ defined by you? 


It’s a deeper feeling of content and peace that goes beyond whatever emotion I’m experiencing in that moment. My emotions are so changeable and fickle. Peace and contentment are more of an anchor that hold me regardless of happiness or sadness. That’s what I want to seek more of.

Mantra you live by?


‘In the end, all of this will make sense. Find the rubies in the rubble whilst your there. Bloody retrospect.’


Quick fire:



Favourite place in the world- My bed, between 7-8am on a Saturday morning when the kids pile in.


Instagrammer who makes you feel good-  @weeslice @feathering_the_empty_nest


If you could have any super power?  To be a deep sleeper


Biggest addiction? Instagram


Biggest strength? Communicating mental health concepts


Biggest weakness? My value being too tied up in ‘doing’


Nicknames? My grandpa used to call me Florence. No idea why. Nobody else calls me anything interesting.


Guilty pleasure? Making cakes purely to eat the batter


You can grab Anna’s Blom Cards by clicking here



2 thoughts on “The Happy Me Project meets @mamas_scrapbook

  1. “Time to stop & take check” really resonates with me…I start to feel like i’m dropping all the balls, doing a lot of things not very well, just about making it through the day but achieving not very much at all, like the ceiling is pushing down…I can feel it happening & it’s true it’s when you stop the fight and become unaware…the biggest lesson i’ve learnt since having PND is that it will always be there, in some guise or another, it’s knowing the signs, keeping your guard up and fighting…although that in itself can be an exhausting battle…so thank you for talking about it…blom cards ordered!

  2. Biggest weakness? My value being too tied up in ‘doing
    It’s just dawned on me reading this that this is the one thing at the moment that really zaps my happy, exhausts me and actually makes me feel inadequate. It’s ok to do nothing, recharge, reboot and reflect. 15 years of this needs undoing!

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