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It’s been SUCH a long time since I wrote anything. I’ve been busy soaking up life to the max this last few months, and although it breaks all blogging rules when it comes to getting your blog out there, I will never write a blog unless it feel good. So now is the time.

I decided on a random Wednesday evening just a few months ago, that I was going to hold an event in Cheltenham, celebrating the best of Gloucestershire’s ‘Happiness and Health’ business. Unlike many of these sorts of events, I have made a conscious decision to keep it small and intimate so you can get really stuck in, enjoy some one to one time with the stands you like, and indulge in some delicious food and drink too.

With the event less that two weeks away, I wanted to give you an inside look at who will be there. This is one of a 2 part blog that will introduce you to the stands attending. Pour yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up for five minutes and take a peek at who will be attending.

Love Yourself Lean

It goes without saying that LYL will have a stand there. The reason I wanted to post about this here, is to tell you that for one day only, all products will be sold at a discounted rate. We also have a brand new product launching that day, which is a perfect little add on to your journal! That Fitness Guy is also attending, and we are holding a guided session using the programme should you wish to try it out for free. The session run 2.30-3.00pm and you can register to attend by clicking the event link on our Facebook page! Spaces are limited and filling up fast so be sure you put your name down.

Love Yourself Lean is a brand that celebrates optimising your health in the most loving way. It’s about finding what makes you ‘tick’ and harnessing that. We believe through learning how your body works, and fulfilling your day to day activities with those things, you can become empowered when it comes to your health, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. There is always time to spend on yourself. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

YinYang Therapies

Nina runs a home-based therapy business offering indulgent holistic treatments, nestled in the beautiful Cotswolds hills. Nina and her team help to recharge your YinYang and unwind. I was lucky enough to find the time to go and enjoy a treatment with Nina and was able to sample her gorgeously relaxing heated bed.

You can take in the healing energy from their Himalayan Salt Lamp and Reiki infused crystals, soaking up the holistic goodness of the Neal’s Yard and organic products.

Blending Tibetan Usui Reiki, chakra balancing, meditation, Swedish body massage and Indian head massage, holistic facials and threading, YinYang Therapies tailor treatments especially for you.

They are also proud to have reached a Reiki Master level and Advanced Reiki Teacher accreditation and have many students that have successfully passed their Reiki degree with them to start their own flourishing holistic careers. Nina regularly teaches Reiki workshops for levels 1 & 2 (practitioner level) and also treats pregnant ladies, children, babies, toddles and animals.

I have to say, this was a lovely treat and I felt so wonderful following my treatment. The space is so calming, and Nina has a really lovely way of working with you as an individual. You feel more than just a client…. I did fall into a deep relaxation though causing me to snort as I came back round! Smooth!

If you would like to connect with Nina prior to the event. Her details are below:

Email: www.yinyangtherapies.com

Call Nina for a confidential chat on +44(0)7903500837

Like and Join her Facebook page @yinyangholistictherapies
Twitter @yinyangholistic

Studio 13

Studio 13 have the most beautiful space in a bespoke, Regency Grade II Listed studio right in the heart of Cheltenham. They offer classes in Yoga, Pilates and Dance. Their timetable covers a range of styles suitable for all levels including Beginners Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Jivamukti Yoga, Teen Yoga, Mat Pilates, Barre, Prenatal/postnatal and Mama and baby yoga. As if this wasn’t enough, they regularly have exciting workshops on Sundays (one of which I attended last night) and retreats for you to join too! The teachers are all qualified and have been carefully selected to ensure you get the highest quality experience. They are passionate about what they do and will work with you to help you reach your full potential.

I have been to the studio a few times during my pregnancy and have totally fallen in love with it. If only I could pick it up and move it to Swindon! You receive a warm welcoming the moment you come through the door, and the space is fitting and elegant. Music fills the space, and aromas fill the air throughout your stay. This place gives the ‘whole experience’. It’s not just the class itself, but the effect it has from the moment you step in through the front door, to when you leave.

We are super lucky to have Clare run a class at this event, 3.00-4.00pm and a registration link is over on our Facebook page via the event link. This class is almost full so it is definitely worth registering if you fancy taking the opportunity to give Yoga a try.

If you wish to contact Studio 13 prior to the event, contact details are below.

Website: http://www.studiothirteen.co.uk/

Email: info@studiothirteen.co.uk (recommended for speedy reply)

Contact Number: 07872056965

Like and Follow on social media:

FB studio13cheltenham
IG @studio13cheltenham
twitter @studio113_2015

Kate Lester- Beautician

Knowing how to get the best out of your make up so you feel like your best is something that can make us feel so emotionally fulfilled. I am a really sucker for always buying the latest new thing but having no clue how to apply my make up properly so I can look my best. All the gear, no idea! Kate is god’s gift to us all in this area!

I first met Kate around 8 years ago when she attended one of my dance classes, and to say she looks younger than she is, is beyond an understatement. Her skin is always flawless, her make up amazing nailing that natural look that still provides covered and to top it off, her eyebrows are to die for!

The best thing about Kate by far, is she has no intention to hoard her beauty secrets. She wants to help women make the most of what is in their make up bag, without feeling forced to go out and buy every expensive product out there. She will have a stand not to sell make up, but to give mini tutorials on how to get the most out of your make up collection. Bring your bag along and learn what works well, and how to make the most of your products from the expert. Slots can be booked on the day, and if you miss a chance to grab time with Kate, you can watch and listen as she demonstrates on others to all the hints and tips you need to know.

She will also have info on her HD brows and her skincare range for you to order online. Kate is now Bournmouth based but occasionally comes back to Cheltenham to offer treatments. Always a Gloucestershire girl at heart, I couldn’t not have her expertise at this event…. after all, make up tips are an essential for the perfect girls day out.

Walk and Talk

A few years ago Nessy set up a group called Chat & Connect, a weekly cuppa and a chat at COOK in Bath Road in Cheltenham, because her mum was suffering from loneliness and isolation after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Her life changed dramatically, none more so than having to give up her job and the colleagues, friends and routines that shaped her life. This group enabled her and people like her, a place to make new friendships and organise trips and make plans for the future. The group is now over three years old and still meets weekly.

Through running Chat & Connect it also became clear that many people find the thought of sitting in a group perhaps next to someone they can’t get away from, a terrifying prospect. Social anxiety is a very real issue for many so Nessy started Walk & Talk. They meet every Sunday (even Christmas Day and New Year’s Day this year!) at 10 .30am at the Boathouse in Pittville Park in Cheltenham.

She likes to think if it as a healthy way to make friendships – out in the fresh air! If you start to feel in any way uneasy you can peel off and look at the ducks or simply make your excuses and leave – there is no pressure to engage. All the group leaders are chosen for their ability to be calm, relaxed and great listeners!

It’s Mental Health Awareness month at the moment, and in an age where more and more people are finding themselves suffering at the hands of mental illness, reaching out an reminding people someone is there has never been more important. Not only mental illness affects our mental wellbeing though. Often physical limitations, loss or even moving house can bring on the feeling of isolation and loneliness. This group is an absolutely wonderful idea and it is such a pleasure to have them join us at this event. If you know someone who might benefit from this group, bring them along to the event and help them connect. One leap of faith can change someones life.

Nessy invites anyone to join them for a walk, come and chat, have a cuppa and meet new people. She says ‘We’ve all felt loneliness at some point so we understand the feelings associated with it; there is no judgement here, just a passion to connect and enrich each other’s lives’.

Stella and Dot

Introducing Francesca Ciereszko-Lane Stylist @ Stella & Dot.  Francesca is really looking forward to meeting everyone at the event and can’t wait to showcase her gorgeous jewellery & accessories collection. Francesca loves to help you update your accessories wardrobe by chatting with you and finding out which pieces catch your eye and how they can work with your lifestyle.

Expand your existing wardrobe and increase your fashion credentials with some keys pieces that will take you effortlessly from day to night and transform with your mood – many of the pieces are hugely versatile and can be worn numerous ways, and you can just ask for a demonstration.

For more information please take a look at Francesca’s website: www.stelladot.co.uk/francescacl

Like and Follow on social media:

FB: @stelladotuk

Twitter: @stelladotuk



Holly is  currently studying at the prestigious Clifton Practice to qualify as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Having worked with children with special needs for many years, and having an active interest in Psychology, she took some time out after having 2 children of her own.

During this time Holly looked into different therapies and ways to create a career through helping people.  After personally seeing the amazing difference Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can make to peoples’ lives and mental health, she knew it was the right path for her and passionately believed in it.

She says, “I love making a difference to peoples lives, witnessing the transformation in clients who come in suffering, grow in confidence and re-adjust their mindsets to positive thinking and being able to live their lives fully without being overwhelmed by their primitive brain”

Holly works with people who are struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Anger, OCD, Sleep Problems, Panic Attacks, Migraines, or who would like help with Confidence, Phobias, Weight Control and Smoking Cessation. We are delighted to have Holly at this event, who it is worth noting is still currently charging student rates. If it’s ‘time for a change’, Holly is the person to find when you get there.

If you wish to contact Holly prior to the event, use the website provided

Website: http://hhhypnotherapy.co.uk/

The Original Happy Company

Charlotte is the founder of The Original Happy Company . This Company was born from a Random act of kindness. Charlotte didn’t realise that was what she had done at the time, but it gave her such an amazing feeling and knowing how it made the recipient feel was un-paralled. Charlotte’s company provides a gifting service unlike any other; one that allows you the opportunity and inspiration to send your random act of happiness. The gifts and events are chosen and planned with love and care and each gift beautifully gift wrapped. Attention to detail is what Charlotte prides herself upon within the company. Charlotte can’t wait to spread the happiness on the day, and you can look at more of what is on offer by visiting her website. If you have a friend or family member you want to show some love and affection, this is the stand for you.


The Core

Many of you will already know Jay from ‘The Core’ but for those who don’t, Jay is the man with the best smoothies in town! He has developed what is now a brand for healthy eating providing amazing nutritious and delicious food and drink across the South West. Not only does this amazing juice bar and kitchen prepare you the freshest of produce there is, but they also have juice programmes you can sign up to if you fancy kick starting your health. Here’s what they have to say about their juice programmes.

A juice programme is a fantastic way to super charge nutrient intake and supply your body with raw, nutrient-rich juices and smoothies consistently over a period of days. Most of us eat far too much of the wrong kind of foods and drinks, and no where near enough fresh fruit and vegetables (forget 5-a-day, we need ideally 10-15 portions!).

A juice programme allows your digestive system a rest from processing foods or drinks that it might take a while to break down, that you might be intolerant to, or might cause an allergic or acidic reaction when in the body. These are namely refined sugars, refined carbs, alcohol, caffeine and diary. Without having to process these, your body can then digest live juices and smoothies in about 15 minutes and focus on ‘detoxing’ your cells.

Jay has a whole host of great reviews, as well as some commonly asked questions about this approach on his website. Head over and take a look.


Swindon folk attending this event, you will be pleased to know ‘The Core’ is also in Swindon too!

The Bump to Baby Chapter

Beth and Kate provide highly rated antenatal classes and hypnobirthing in Gloucestershire. They are hypnobirthing midwives giving you real and honest coping strategies & advice straight from the birthing room floor. These ladies are ‘the real deal’ when it comes to empowering pregnant ladies and new Mums. I have recently signed myself up to have private hypnobirthing sessions with the girls and they are even coming direct to my home. Perfect for a busy lifestyle. The hypnobirthing course focuses on techniques such as breathing, deep relaxation and birth affirmations, providing you with the tools for a positive, calm and confident birth. Part of hypnobirthing is learning ways of how your body accommodates childbirth. Understanding what is happening to your body enables you to build confidence in your body and it’s ability to give birth.

They also host the well known ‘push it real good’ walks with Cheltenham Maman over at Pitville Park weekly. These were originally started by Clemmie aka Mother of Daughters, and the girls harnessed the idea for our local area too.

It is about local mums walking together and having the chance to create a community and support network.

Their website says ‘One mum on the walk explained about her struggles in the early days of parenthood. She would be at home in her dressing gown at 3 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon sobbing whilst dunking biscuits into a cold cup of tea. She said what made it worse was thinking that she was failing as a mum and doing something wrong as no one talks about this unfiltered side of new mummy hood. *Enter mum squad.* Myself and another mum reassured her that we were the same!’

As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a blog with stories about birth, being a new Mum, pregnancy, being a Dad, tips to get by and so much more! Well worth a visit if you are expecting or have little ones at home. Bring a friend if you know someone and help them connect.

If you wish to contact the girls prior to the event, details are below

Wesbite: www.thebumptobabychapter.co.uk

Tel:    07712102430

The Holistic Team

Charlotte at the holisitc team is joining us, along with her treatment couch to give you a taste of how you can treat your body to the best. Treatments are designed to relax and rejuvenate the body in beautiful, calm surroundings. Her Cheltenham based treatment room is tastefully designed to enhance your experience and create a tranquil and peaceful ambiance.

Bespoke treatments are planned by The Holistic Team to ensure you benefit from a truly holistic treatment delivered by a fully qualified therapist with tailored aftercare.

Holistic approaches have been used to optimise health for thousands of years and many disorders can benefit from holistic treatments. Because holistic therapy treats the whole individual  (as the principle behind holistic healing is to balance the body, mind and spirit,) many recipients of holistic treatments have found that as well as the condition for which they are seeking treatment, other health issues have also improved. This is largely due to their optimised immune system and smooth operation of their whole being – which is the aims of holistic treatments.

If you want to contact Charlotte prior to the event to make a booking, please do.

Website: http://www.theholisticteam.co.uk/

Part two of this blog will be up Wednesday, featuring more stands attending this lovely event. Looking after the whole self is really important, and the stands attending serve to give everyone a little something to enjoy. Don’t forget to register your attendance via the event link on our Facebook page. There are a limited number of spaces, and so it is important to know number attending prior to the event. The event itself if free, and available to all.


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