Happiness and Health in Gloucestershire (Part 2)

It is just 3 sleeps until this lovely event takes place, and I wanted to tell you a bit about the other stalls attending. There are such a large number looking to come, we are unlikely to fit buggies/prams into the venue too so bear this in mind when coming along! Would hate for anyone to arrive disappointed.

The Drop A Dress Size Coach

Introducing Dawn – The Drop a Dress Size Coach
Dawn is a nutritional therapist and helps business women and brides to be turn their weight loss dream into reality. Lose weight, increase energy, balance moods and hormones whilst saving time, money and frustrations Dawn believes you are what you eat and will work with you so that your metabolism works for you rather than against you, so no faddy diets, pills, potions or starving yourself. (Always going to feel good throwing diets out the window right?)

Anyone can lose weight by following a diet but more often than not the weight just goes back on and more once you go back to eating normally, by working with me you will lose the weight and you will keep it off. She offers a FREE 30 minute discovery call where it is determined where you are, where you want to be and a step by step plan of getting there.

For more information check Dawn’s website

Website: www.dawnswinley.com


Not to be mistaken for a dog! Kathryn from Kathshiatsu will be attending to give an inside (and mini treatments) into exactly what Shiatsu is, the wonderful bodywork therapy that combines Traditional Japanese Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiastu means ‘finger pressure’ and this is used along with thumbs, hands, elbows and sometimes knees to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance through the use of Meridian pathways and acupressure points.

For only £10 you’re welcome to have a short 20 min session to experience this therapy. Please message me Kathryn if you’d like to pre book

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathshiatsu/
Wesbite: www.kathshiatsu.co.uk

Anneli Dance

My baby! Yes, no Health and Happiness event would be complete without the friendliest dance school in town. Priding itself on it’s well known hashtag #annelifamily, my school is a home from home for over 300 people. Dance classes are often associated with either kids, or skinny mini prim and proper ladies who have danced all their lives. No, not at Anneli! We boast a near 50 adult students taking part in a whole range of classes from fitness based sessions, beginner dance class right up to advanced. There really is something for everyone. Age is also just a number at this school with a hugely wide age range in the majority of classes we teach. Check out the latest promotional video on You Tube and see for yourself! A free FREESTYLE class is taking place 2-2.30pm on the day, and involves dancing in the dark, with glow sticks to absolutely banging tunes. One of our most popular classes and indeed a very fun way to keep fit.

To sign up for this free session click the link at the bottom of this post to the event and register on the feed.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anneli-dance-studios

Instagram: @annelidance

Youtube: Adult Dance at Anneli

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Most of us know of Neal’s Yard due to the wonderful reputation they hold for creating lovely organic products. To quote them…

‘The skin is the body’s largest organ, and an active barrier between our bodies and the environment. It’s well known that what you put on your skin ends up in your body – just think of nicotine patches. That’s why we believe it’s really important to know exactly what’s in the products you use on your skin.’

Neals Yerd pride themselves on honesty and integrity using the maximum wild and organic ingredients they can providing a full list with all products. Katie will be attending on Saturday, and no doubt have a whole selection of love products for you to try.

Wesbite: http://www.nealsyardremedies.com

Kayleigh Purser Therapies

Kayliegh is an holistic and sports therapist and lifestyle consultant with Temple Spa. Temple Spa were the first spa products she ever used when she got her first spa job and she fell in love.

Kayleigh is now a very proud specialist of this beautiful range and uses them in her treatments.

These products fit very well into Kayleigh’s business as they share the same ethos… “the wellbeing of skin, body and soul.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KayleighPurserTherapies/

No 9 Cafe

I have a little soft spot for this cafe! Located in the heart of Bishops Cleeve it is one of the loveliest places to grab a bite to eat. It’s kitch decor makes for a cosy experience and the cakes are just to die for. A family run business full of heart and soul. As you know, the LYL motto is #alwayssayestocake so it would have been a travesty to hold an event centering about happiness and health and not invite my favourite cake bakers!

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a gentle holistic therapy which encourages the body to make changes, bringing the body back into balance. Bowen can help with a range of physical and emotional conditions in people and horses of all ages.

Emma Green is Gloucestershire based, working from Stroud and has a clinic for children & adults in Rodney Road, Cheltenham. Emma is willing to travel anywhere when viable, and regularly visits the Dorset area.

Having never heard of this technique, I am really interested to learn more about it and look forward to many of you trying it out with Emma this Saturday!

Website: http://www.emmagreenbowentherapy.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmmaGreenBowenTherapy/

Nuts About Style

Hazel from Nuts About Style is an image consultant who works 1:1 with her clients (who are typically business women) to ensure they know how to look their best so they feel much more confident, dress the part for every occasion and their target market and save time, money and effort knowing what suits them. She is very much about helping women grow in self confidence, connect with their body, be their best selves and invest and take care of themselves.

She offers a range of image transformation packages which are tailored to the individual to solve the specific issues they have with their image and wardrobe – these typically include colour analysis (finding out what colours suit your natural colouring) and style (what clothing styles and accessories best suit your body). Once we know what suits, she can also helps clients to create a versatile wardrobe for their lifestyle they feel great in and make the most of the clothes they have. She also offers personal shopping sessions to easily and quickly get those missing items to make that wardrobe work even better.

Website: www.nutsaboutstyle.co.uk

Krysalis Wellbeing

Karen from Kysalis Wellbeing has a passion to support people who are experiencing or wanting to make meaningful change in their lives.

Her business is called Krysalis Wellbeing because like a chrysalis Karen emerged from the darkness and into the light. She had a good job but it was not fulfilling her. She felt like she was living on a treadmill. Now Karen lives a freer and more positive life true to herself and her values. She says ‘It feels great’.

Karen helps people through times of transition by supporting them with homeopathic remedies, nutritional advice and general wellbeing information. In her experience change often brings stress; this can make us resistant to doing what we really need to do. She has  experienced this so many times

Change is the only constant in our lives. It is how we handle it and how our bodies react that we can control. She would love to help you on your journey to better health, happiness and taking control of your life.

Meditation is at the heart of LYL’s ethos, and Karen has experience in this area and can give you some insight into getting started no this path too.

Purple Tree Therapies

Lynn runs a private practice in Evesham, helping women to overcome issues that are troubling them. Mostly, people come to her  with overwhelm, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence or low self esteem. She also helps with bereavement, relationship problems and phobias, as well as habits people would like to break!

A different spin on Karen’s approach, Lynn is NLP practioner as well as trained in counselling and hypnotherapy. Lynn uses a combination of all 3 to help clients clear these unwanted things from their lives. Getting to the bottom, or root cause of these is a passion for her, and seeing my clients walk away as a completely different person in a matter of a few sessions never ceases to thrill Lynn and give her a feeling of complete satisfaction. She offers a free half hour to anybody that would like to find out more.

The key is to know who you are which is what LYL is all about. Some prefer a more mental approach, some feel more inclined to reach for a spiritual approach. They key is to find what works for you and fully go for that.

Website: http://purpletreetherapies.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purpletreetherapies/


Oakwell Health

Karl Turner has been my osteopath for years now. He is renowned for his laid back nature when it comes to assessing your back and cracking it back into place, but despite this friendly nature he is extremely skilled and highly trained working with some of the counties biggest sports stars.

He became an osteopath after a life-changing experience that was transformed by an osteopath. At the age of 15, he was hit by a lorry as he stood waiting for the school bus and, as a result of the multiple fractures, he was confined to a wheelchair and crutches. Searching for remedies, Karl stumbled on an osteopath from a recommendation even though, at 15, he had no idea what one was. The osteopath offered three options for treatment: 1) the gentle and painless, but very slow and therefore costly way; 2) the drastic and rapid result, but potentially painful way, which is therefore the least costly way;  3) a personalised compromise between 1) and 2). As a 15-year-old previously very active youngster, he chose the rapid result way; after a thorough treatment and a few yelps, Karl was helped on to his feet and the osteopath suggested he took a few steps unaided.

Karl was mesmerised and immediately decided osteopathy was the job for him. As his training began, it was soon clear that his passion to learn the skills to help others – as he has been helped – stood out and that this path was as much a calling as a career. Karl is in no way a specialist in helping a particular group, age, sporting type, injury type or ailment. He treats everybody. He has 21 years of practising the full range of osteopathic styles – from the gentle cranial style that is very helpful for babies, children, pregnancy ailments, autism, and the elderly – to strong powerful structural osteopathy that is beneficial for people who’ve been in traumatic accidents or suffered sporting injuries. Karl treats professional rugby players from Gloucester Rugby and Worcester Warriors.

A great opportunity to try out for yourself this weekend!

Website: http://oakwellhealth.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OakwellHealth/

For more info on the event itself, or to register for any of the classes taking place please click the link below and head to the event page.


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