I am strong a believer in giving something back, and this page will be regularly updated with all the fundraising you have helped me to raise through purchasing The Bee’s Knees products.  Thank you to each and every one of you for every purchase you make, big or small, it makes a massive difference to these charities, and I appreciate all your support.

The main charity I raise funds for, is one very close to my heart.  On the 30th November 1995, just 2 days before her 38th birthday, my mother was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  I was 10 years old at the time, and my sister 6.  At first, nothing was any different, life went on as usual, but then 8 year later, my mum began to experience the symptoms and we witnessed how brutal this disease can be – both for the diagnosed, as well as their family.  The Bee’s Knees stands for appreciating the little things in life, and I have had no better lesson to learn this through my mum’s illness.  The smallest achievement by her, and any quality time we get to spend together is worth so much more than I can even begin to describe.


I have raised money for the Huntington’s Disease Association through journal sales, and I am currently raising funds for the Huntington’s Disease Research Fund at UCL.  If you feel you can donate, however much, I will be forever grateful for your support.  You can donate via a Just Giving page I have setup for this purpose – please click here – or you can donate via text.

You can find more details on the charities The Bee’s Knees has fundraised for below.


The Bee’s Knees Journal

Each month, £1 from each journal sale will be donated to a chosen charity.  If there is a charity you would like to see supported, please do get in touch.


‘Bee’ Print

£4 donated to Teddy’s Legacy (Feathering the Empty Nest) from every print sold.