The Bees Knees Retreats

Afternoon Relaxation

I want to tell you a story….

5 years ago I went on my best friends hen do; a cruise to Bruges, Guernsey and back home. I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and felt completely lost. I didn’t know who I was, and no amount of focus was changing that. I went away, not sure how I would feel and had one of the most life changing weekends of my life.

The cruise stole my phone signal…completely. I had no choice but to be cut off from the world and totally immerse myself in the present moment. The definitive moment was on day 3, sat in a canoe in the sea in Guernsey. Hungover, knackered yet totally fulfilled. I distinctly remember the fresh air on my face and laughing so hard my stomach and cheeks ached. I had not realised until that moment how much my brain was being sucked into my phone, work, chaos, and how much I’d forgotten to enjoy looking around and appreciating what was there. I felt like me again and it was amazing.

For the past two years I’ve dedicated my time to doing what I can to help women reconnect with themselves and find the marvellous in the mundane. In a world that is forever speeding up the pace of life, I wanted to be an ambassador for slowing down and cherishing the little things. Less pressure to dream, believe, achieve and more permission to sit down, switch off and pop the kettle on. After developing the journal I had an itch to go one step further; to connect face to face with people and give them something to remember. Sure I could offer an online course centred around happiness, but my brand encourages taking some time to ‘log off’ so it felt contradictory to use a social platform to run a course on happiness. To me, people need people, and running the perfect girls weekend away was the best way for me to harness this; which is why it is my pleasure to introduce you to The Bee’s Knees Retreats.

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