Hi, I'm Kelly!

I'm best known on Instagram for my 9 month pregnant 'tena tango'! Better known as the fun loving, furrier than average, biscuit dunking dancer with a side serving of 'don't touch me, don't ever touch me'. Not one for a physical embrace (seriously, I high fived my sister after getting intense medical news we waited on for 13 years), it begs the question, 'Why did I choose a business that involves people?'  Well, I've always loved making people feel normal, usually through making a complete tit of myself, and have endlessly experienced a wave of 'omg I get that too!' from all the people I meet.

A primary school teacher and dance teacher, it goes without saying, I think kids are frickin' ace!  If I were a Disney character, I'd be Peter Pan for sure.  I missed the growing up memo somewhere between Art Attack and graduating Uni (Neil Buchanan though?!  Who else loved a big art attack?! #passthesalt).  The Bee's Knees is inspired by the way kids live - in the moment, away from 'soul searching', because they already know exactly who they are, what they need and they trust it.  It took me a long time to realise the idea myself.... I mean we're talking marriage, divorce, resignation from my job, depression, testing for a horrendous genetic disease that dominated my 20's, seeing my mum suffer at the hands of this very condition - Huntington's Disease (I've changed that H for a C many a time) - and finally becoming a mum myself.  But the trials and tribulations of my little life journey so far have been mine and nobody else's and being silly has saved me in some of my darkest of hours.

I'm a massive fan of ordinary sh*t and the kind who makes plans to 'do nothing' and lives for that day.  My mum and dad are my heroes, my life goal was to become a mother (which I did this year) and I aspire to make the world a more simple place, one 'tena tango' at a time.  I'm a cuppa and catch up kind of girl over champagne and parties....but only if you don't touch me....ever!

Thanks for reading.  x