The Bee's Knees is for everyone from adventure seekers, knicker leakers, fitness fanatics, hopeless romantics, stay at home mums, take life as it comes, downward doggers, internet bloggers, hectic, eccentric and even the sceptic!  

Having a great day because you went for a walk, cooked a new meal, caught up with a friend, matched all the socks from the laundry, cleared out that 'Monica cupboard'; happiness can be found in what we typically consider 'boring' or 'mundane'.

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary and 'bee' happier on every level!

Giving something back

The Bee’s Knees proudly fundraising for the UCL funding specific research towards curing Huntington’s Disease. £1 from every journal goes towards finding a cure.  Click here to read more about The Bee's Knees fundraising.

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The Importance of Being Idle

This weekend myself and Kev were extremely lucky to be given an opportunity to go away for the weekend. I ...
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The Happy Me Project meets @sketchymuma

Meet Anna @sketchymuma There are some people in this world who basically embody a hug... and Anna is one of ...
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The Happy Me Project meets @chloelovestoshop

Meet Chloe @chloelovestoshop I don't follow a huge amount of fashion accounts because...well I basically suck at fashion haha but ...
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The Happy Me Project meets @steph_dontbuyherflowers

Meet Steph @steph_dontbuyherflowers They say the best way to enjoy Instagram is to fill it with feeds that make you ...
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The Happy Me Project meets @carasuthers

Meet Cara @carasuthers I am lucky enough to call this one 'pal' nowadays after meeting her on a few occasions ...
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The Happy Me Project meets @that_mummy_smile

Meet Laura @that_mummy_smile I kid you not, this birds Insta appeared on my explore feed one day, and I was ...
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